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Key Features of Manual IT Guns
AC and MFDC gun with various ratings
Light Weight and Ergonomic in Handling
Rotationally Designed for easy rotation of gun on ring in all 360°
Modular system for easy access to all assemblies in the gun
Different gun bodies can be designed and manufactured to suit customer applications
Standardisation of components for faster delivery and reduction in spare inventory
Use of all reputed brands for pneumatics for high reliability
Use of Push in fittings for pnematics and hydraulics for leak proof working and faster on preventive maintainence.
Standardardisation of Gun Bodies.
Indexing attachment with locking for the hanger movement

Electrical Specifications
All the electrical specifications given below are common for all guns.

AC Transformer ( KVA )24 3854 63 76
MFDC Transformer (KVA) at 20% DC90KVA/130KVA

All the above specifications are for standard gun bodies and for reference.
Do contact us for all customize solutions and special specifications.

IT Gun installation

Arm welders reserves the right to change the specifications without prior notice.